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Suggested Guidelines for File Content

For daytime/functional bracing for gait dysfunction, please provide video of the patient walking barefoot with legs unobstructed by clothing, shorts preferred so thighs and knees can be seen:

  1. Coronal view walking both towards and away
  2. Sagittal view walking from both left and right side

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For nighttime-at rest/stretching UE bracing with electronic stimulation for reach, grasp, and pinch, please provide video of the patient:

  1. Reaching fully to grasp an object
  2. Taking the object to his/her mouth
  3. Reaching up high as able, with both arms over his/her head
  4. Actively supinating as far as able extending wrist and fingers
  5. Passively supinating (extending wrist and fingers) after demonstrating active supination range

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For nighttime-at rest/stretching LE and UE bracing for posturing or range limitations, please provide the following assessment data in a word or excel file.

  1. Identification of short or tight muscles
  2. Assessment data such as
    • dynamic/high velocity/R1
    • static/low velocity/R2
  3. If bracing for an AFO and calf is tight, please provide:
    • Range with knee extended
    • Range with knee flexed
  4. Sample LE Assessment form, Download
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