Patient Diagnosis: Camurati-Engelmann Disease

Ultraflex Therapy Support: Stretching Knee Orthosis (worn at rest/nighttime) Adjustable Dynamic Response™ Ankle-Foot Orthosis (daytime)

Ultraflex addresses the multiple treatment goals for Troy associated with Camurati–Engelmann Disease (CED), a rare disease characterized by proximal muscle weakness, a wide-based waddling gait and joint contractures. Ultraflex stretching Knee Orthosis (KO), worn at rest, is being used bilaterally to maintain passive range of motion.

Since wearing his stretching KOs, Troy has noticed that the tightness in his legs has lessened and that he’s able to stand straighter. During daytime, Ultraflex Adjustable Dynamic Response™ (ADR) Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) is worn bilaterally to augment muscles, provide normal range, increase stability and improve posture/balance.

With his ADR braces, Troy is able to walk to his classes at school without an additional mobility device. Troy’s mom states, “Troy’s braces enable him to stand for a long period of time and to walk. Without these braces, he would be unable to walk.”

“My braces keep me mobile and help straighten my posture.”

With gratitude for their clinical contributions to Lawall Orthotic & Prosthetic Services in Philadelphia, PA; and a special thank you to Troy and his family for sharing their story.

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