50 Custom

Brace Designs

300,000+ Patient


28 Years

Of Experience

Direct Care Orders

Ultraflex is happy to assist and educate facilities on brace types and services for patients

Step 1.

Call the Ultraflex Clinical Team to discuss your patient and an Ultraflex brace.

800-220-6670 or 610-906-1410

Step 2.

Discuss the need for an Ultraflex brace with the treating physician.

Step 3.

Fax the following to the Ultraflex Clinical Sales Team:


o Patient face sheet
o Insurance Cards
o Clinical notes outlining the need for an Ultraflex brace
o Prescription and/or Detailed Written Order

As a service to you and your patients:

  • Ultraflex will verify patient’s insurance coverage for the brace. 
  • Ultraflex will request from the patient’s Physician a detailed written order and clinical notes.
  • Ultraflex Clinical team will fit, modify, and follow up with your patient for the life of the brace.