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How to Order Ultraflex 800-220-6670
  Call our Clinical Support Team

Orthotists, Prosthetist

If you are an O&P professional you can contact our Clinical Technical Support Team at 800-220-6670 and our highly trained technicians will help you select the best solution for your patients specific needs.

Physicians, Therapist, Case Managers

If you are a clinician wishing to order an Ultraflex LLPS or Adjustable Dynamic Response™ (ADR™) brace for your patient, follow these simple steps to receive an Ultraflex orthosis for your patient:

  1. Send prescription, clinical notes documenting the range of motion need and patient’s insurance facesheet to Ultraflex via the following options (Apple iPhone or iPad users please use b or c):
    1. Secure portal
    2. Secure fax – 610.903.4611
    3. Secure email –
  2. Ultraflex will refer your patient to an experienced orthotist in your area for patient evaluation, casting, fitting and follow up to assure a timely and positive outcome. Ultraflex has preferred providers throughout the US, employing certified orthotists experienced with our technology ready to serve your patients
  3. Certified orthotist will contact your patient to arrange for evaluation, measuring/casting, fitting and follow-up at his/her local office.

International Orders

For orders outside of the United States, please contact one of our international distributors below.

Europe & Middle East
Ultraflex Europe
By Dirame Ortho Belgium
Advanfit, Japan
Tel: 0965-33-3992
Ortho Active,Canada
Tel: 1-800-663-1254

OAPL, Australia
Tel : 03 9383 1622
South Africa
GHMedical South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)11-803-1135
Sai Prosthetics South Africa
Tel: +91 (0)22-278-20402
237 South Street Pottstown, PA  19464, 800-220-6670
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