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Evidence Base

Level 2 Studies

Knee Flexion in Cerebral Palsy

Upper Extremity Spasticity in children with CP

Combined Bracing with Electrical Stimulation and Functional Practice for Chronic Upper Extemity Spasticity - In Stroke

Level 3 Studies

Reducing Upper Extremity Spasticity in Patients 4 - 21 with CP

Level 4 Studies

Treating Children with Elbow Extension Forarm Rotation Limitations

Improving Elbow and Wrist Range of Motion Using Dynamic and Static Combination Orthosis

Effiacy for Maintenance of Elbow Range of Motion of Two Types fo Orthotic Devices

Use of Dynamic Orthoses in Reducing Knee Flexion Contractures in Pediatric Patients with Myelomoningocele

Traditional Thermoplastic AFO versus Adjustable Dynamic Response

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